Please show your Kool Kid Kard to enter…not so fast, Mickey…

Apparently Mickey Kaus hasn’t made the A-team quite yet. Now there are two errors in Arianna Huffington’s lastest Salon column; one bad, the other, well, funny. The bad error is her attributing the “power of the people” that brought down Trent Lott to, as she puts it:

It was in cyberspace that scores of bloggers — including Josh Marshall of talkingpointsmemo.com, Glenn Reynolds of instapundit.com, Mickey Klaus of klausfiles.com, and Andrew Sullivan of andrewsullivan.com — continued hammering away at the story, and eventually succeeded in moving it out of the shadows into the political spotlight.

Now we know that it was Atrios, Josh Marshall, and Tim Noah who did the bulk of the heavy lifting after The Note noted the remarks. Reynolds blew it off, Kaus and Sullivan came on board later. As for the funny error:

“Mickey Klaus”

Who’s the leader of the blogs, and no one knows his name? M-I-C-K-E-Y K-L-A-U-S.

Back to the kid’s table Mickey, looks like you’re not welcome past the velvet ropes…

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