The whine of the valkyrie

Aryan Princess Ann Coulter is upset because the “liberal” media are keeping a shameful secret from the American public: both Trent Lott and Strom Thurmond used to be (gasp!) Democrats. Yup. Back in the day, before we had all these “problems”, as Trent would put it, they were proud Democrats who respected black people…as long as they knew their place. Let’s allow Ann to explain:

What the Lott incident shows is that Republicans have to be careful about letting Democrats into our party. Back when they supported segregation, Lott and Thurmond were Democrats. This is something the media are intentionally hiding to make it look like the Republican Party is the party of segregation and race discrimination, which it never has been.

In 1948, Thurmond did not run as a “Dixiecan,” he ran as a “Dixiecrat” – his party was an offshoot of the Democratic Party. And when he lost, he went right back to being a Democrat. This whole brouhaha is about a former Democrat praising another former Democrat for what was once a Democrat policy.

Republicans made Southern Democrats drop the race nonsense when they entered the Republican Party.

When did Strom become a Republican? Well, that would have been in 1964…the same year that the Civil Rights Act passed. What did Strom have to say about the Civil Rights Act? I’m glad you asked. According to the defenders of white majority rights over at American Renaissance, Strom said:

He called the Civil Rights Bill of 1964, “the worst, most unreasonable and unconstitutional legislation that has ever been considered by the Congress.”

…and the Republican Party welcomed him with open sheet-clad arms, because he was no longer welcome in the Democratic Party which had just gone too liberal on him. Hence the genesis of Richard Nixon’s “Southern Strategy“.

Oh. And by the way, here’s a parting shot at Strom from the good ol’ boys at American Renaissance:

Indeed, times do change, and so do people. But can even Sen. Thurmond forget the predictions he made of what federal arrogance, forced integration, and intrusive government would bring – predictions that have largely come true? Of course, for nearly 40 years, he has been on the payroll of a body he used to call tyrannical. For nearly as long, he has faced a press that heaps abuse on all his old principles and praises every step towards abandoning them. He has also grown old. Age, money and respectability are powerful forces, sometimes powerful enough to blind a man to the wisdom of his ancestors.

I bet Ann wishes she had written that…

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