The soft bigotry of low expectations

When it comes to boneheaded, arrogant comments from the Administration, I’m not sure anyone can top Donald H. Rumsfeld :

President Bush said Tuesday he has decided to begin deploying a limited system to defend the nation against ballistic missiles, its first components operable by 2004. Though the first parts of the system will be put into use while more advanced technology is still being developed, Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld said it will likely stop “a relatively small number of incoming ballistic missiles, which is better than nothing.”

Gee thanks, Don. So, how many billions are you going to waste to stop “a relatively small number of incoming ballistic missiles”? Estimates run from $24 to $60 billion above what has already been invested. Who gets the money? Lockheed, TRW, Boeing,and Martin-Marietta.

Then there is this:

Bush’s announcement came six days after the latest test of the system failed when an interceptor rocket did not separate from its booster rocket and destroy a Minuteman II intercontinental ballistic missile as planned.

Three of eight tests of the ground-based system since 1999 have been judged failures by the military.

Followed by:

“Our missile-defense program since 2001 has demonstrated that missile technology, in particular hit-to-kill technology, actually works,” Wolfowitz said in his October speech. “We actually can hit a bullet with a bullet.”

Where do they get these guys?

$60 billion? I guess it’s better than nothing to an administration that thinks that 5 out of 8 is success when it comes to nuclear weapons..

(Added: RichP thought we would like this oddly appropriate little snippet from Dr. Strangelove:

GENERAL BUCK TURGIDSON: “Mr. President, I’m not saying we wouldn’t get our hair mussed — but I do say no more than ten to twenty million killed, tops — depending on the breaks.”)

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