Would you like fries with the overthrow of Mayor McCheese and his running dog lackeys?

McDonalds show that, if you can’t beat’em, become one of them:

With anti-American sentiment on the rise, international markets have become perilous for U.S.-based multinationals. But that’s just business as usual for McDonald’s (MCD). During the last decade, the Illinois-based chain has been the target of political protests in more than 50 countries. Alas, preventing Ronald McDonald from taking bullets intended for Uncle Sam often means using marketing tricks that would never play in Peoria.

Egypt 2001

Problem: Anti-American boycott sparked by U.S. support for Israel.

McSpin: Local outlets introduce the McFalafel, rolled out behind an ad jingle sung by Shabaan Abdel Rahim, best known for his chart-topping hit “I Hate Israel.”

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