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Boy. The New York Times just doesn’t get it:

Conservatives Led the Way in Criticizing Lott’s Remarks

First of all, as has been well documented elsewhere, it was people like Atrios and JM Marshall who led the way on this. To say the Sullivan or Kruathammer were the leading lights is ridiculous.

Secondly, there is this, well, stupid assertion:

Mr. Sullivan, on his Web site, and Mr. Krauthammer, writing in The Washington Post, are among those who have called on Mr. Lott to resign. Others, like Sean Hannity of Fox News Channel and the radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh, have said the remarks were indefensible but were not necessarily reason enough for Mr. Lott to step down. An editorial in The Wall Street Journal stopped short of a direct call for Mr. Lott’s ouster, but named three Republicans it preferred in the post.

The responses by conservatives have provided a marked contrast to the contention — put forth most recently by former President Bill Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore — that the nation’s conservative news media acts as a monolithic Republican support system.

Let’s be honest for a moment. Although the Republicans were embarassed by Lott’s gaffe (remembering that “a gaffe is just a politician speaking honestly”) the only reason that they are trying to dump Lott is because he is an ineffective leader. The guy is an embarassment. The White House would like to blame him for the Jim Jeffords debacle when it was really the fault of Andy Card and Karl Rove. Going forward, everything that has gone wrong under George Bush will be blamed on the failure of others within the Republican party or administration. Hence, Bush stands by now, watching Trent twist slowly in the bloviating Conservative backwash. Bush is in full Bart Simpson “I didn’t do it” mode….

It was said after the Cold War ended that conservatives would turn on the people within our own borders because they needed an enemy in order to justify their existence and survive. And so they turned on women, gays, Hispanics (hello…Pete Wilson!) and America’s “values”. Now that they hold the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, the time has come to turn on their own. O’Neill, Lindsey, and Pitt were just appetisers. Trent Lott is just the rube du jour.

Bon appetit!

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