Do a little dance, make a press release, get down tonight

In order to combat the charges that Republicans are a bunch of sheet-wearing-race-baiting-Papist-slapping Grand Kleagles, they need some good old fashioned Black organizations to stand up and say, “Why yes, our black brethren and sistren do support Senator Hoodhead. We will not be a part of the liberal plantation and where is our Town Hall or World Net columnist contract?”. With Congressman Watts leaving for the private sector where he can make more money to raise his kids as soon as he figures out how many he has, Republicans are desperate for a black voice, any black voice to speak on their behalf.

Which brings us to the Rev Jesse Lee Peterson and his Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND). The Rev Jesse exists mainly to combat the evil Jesse Jackson and any attempt he may make to help African Americans, but sometimes he rents himself out to people like Trent Lott.

“As the head of a nationally recognized nonprofit black organization BOND, the Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny, my organization and I accept Senator Trent Lott’s apology regarding his remarks at Senator Strom Thurmond’s birthday celebration. I encourage the Senator to not give into the demands of racists who want to keep blacks on the Democratic plantation.


Black and white Democrats alike who continue to demand that he [Lott] step down are doing so only for political reasons. And Republicans who fail to support him are displaying cowardice. Lott should not step down; he should not offer any more apologies-this matter is done! We should judge people based on their hearts and actions, and unlike many of his detractors, Trent Lott has no history of being a racist.”

In an effort to appeal to his black brothers, the Rev. Jesse has brought on noted African-American media star, Sean Hannity to the BOND Advisory Board, because Sean knows how to “keep it real and is down wif da boyz in da hood, yo”. Here is a picture of Sean with the rest of the gang at BOND as they get ready for an appearance on Soultrain as a KC and The Sunshine Band cover band.

Thats the way, un huh un huh, he likes it, un huh un huh….

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