From the Dian Fossey logbook…

Once again I put on the hazmat suit and visit the heart of darkness that is Free Republic:

Lott did the best he could, under the circumstances. He is not a manipulator, nor is he a great orator. He does not have the venom needed to defend his own ass against a illogical and stupid emotional argument.

Although I do not personally like him as Senate leader, we must defend him from this race baiting attack from the left. We cannot allow him to go down this way. The RATS and the conservatives behind these stupid accusations must be sent to the woodshed for a thorough thrashing!

I f we do not stop this here and now, the PC bull-crap artists will be able to bring anyone down who they feel like screwing. Who then would take their place?

Certainly no body with any real thought of their own! The only thing left would be Clinton like professional politicians who have no moral center, no morality but self!

Stop this now or the death of truth is going to be the norm. The end of the American experience will be the result!


Yep. Lott was only 7 years old when Strom ran as a segragationist . I’m sure at 7 he had no idea who Strom really was! Maybe his parents voted for him, but so did Gores!
Lott knew Strom via the Senate. The Strom Lott knew was a pretty good Joe.
No wonder Lott thought nothing of praising him. He praised the Strom he knew as a man, rather than a 7 year old kid.
Stupid liberals see racial attacks in the Constitution. They’d see racial attacks in the Snow White fairytale!
Screw em. Stupid liberals


Does this mean we’ll be paying reparations for slavery, even though we’re fighting a war on terror and no one seems to care that many on the left are aiding and abetting our enemies. Racism is far worse than treason in 2002. I’m a racist if it means I think Jesse Jackson should be tarred and feathered along with AP for his role in electing anti-American Communist Lulu in Brazil…along with Sean Penn and Jane Fonda.

It’s not about race anymore….it’s about politics.


I also don’t particularly care for Lott as he is a poor leader and not aggressive enough with the DemocRATs. On the other hand, its time for the Republicans to unbuckle their belts, pull down their pants, and check to see if they still have a complete set of testacles.

If a Democrat had said what Lott said, the media, the NAACP and the other left-wing thought NAZIs in the country would have ignored it.

The Republicans, by dumping Lott, will lose far more votes among white southerners than they will ever gain from blacks anywhere. If the fact that black activists can make such a tempest out of teapot over this in the face of an administration which has two highly visible black Americans in positions of high and visible power no DemocRATic regime ever had them in, says a lot about the hypocracy of these groups and their hidden agenda


Now has had it in for Lott since the second week of November and are using african americans to stop Lott from banning PB abortion. Fact! …..more to come


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