Time for California to secede…

I’m going to miss you guys. We just can’t trust the Federal Goverment anymore.

A federal administrative law judge rejected claims by California for nearly $9 billion in refunds for what officials said was price gouging during the energy crisis of 2000-2001 and instead said the state owed $1.2 billion to cover unpaid electricity bills.

The judge, Bruce L. Birchman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, ruled that energy companies overcharged California about $1.8 billion during the crisis but said the state had an unpaid balance of $3 billion and thus owed $1.2 billion.

The ruling, which will be reviewed by the three-member commission, was cheered by the industry but attacked by California officials, who accused the commission of “rigging” the rules that guided the judge’s findings.


“Every time the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has had to choose between energy generators and California consumers, they have sided with generators,” Mr. Davis said.

“I am outraged over the action the FERC has taken in rigging the rules so the administrative law judge had no choice but to give us a pittance under the rules,” he said, referring to limits set by the commission on what the judge could take into account in determining refunds. “We want at least $9 billion back.”

But officials from the power companies said the decision appeared balanced and appropriate, and they predicted it would withstand challenges from California officials.

With a Bush in one pocket and a Dick in the other, should we be suprised?

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