Kelsey McNamara is soooooo right for John Fund

Clueless in Cinicinnati

Kelsey McNamara didn’t become a blushing bride Saturday as she planned — but it wasn’t because of her fear of being thrown in jail for marrying a man accused of beating and threatening to kill her. It turns out her fiancé, a man court records identify both as Lester L. Thomas and Thomas L. Lester, can’t marry her.

“He’s not divorced yet,” said Rob Larson, one of the defense attorneys involved in the case. Larson — who received a wedding invitation — said the name of the groom-to-be, regardless of how it is listed in court records, is Thomas Lester.

The couple planned, despite an order from Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Melba Marsh for Lester to stay away from McNamara, to wed at a ceremony last Saturday night. It never happened. “They haven’t gotten married,” Larson said. “His divorce never got finalized. He’s still married.”

That was news — as were the planned nuptials — to Gary Goldman, Lester’s other attorney. “They didn’t invite me.” Goldman also declined a request to interview Lester. “I don’t think he should be talking to you right now.”

The judge doesn’t think Lester should be walking down the aisle just now — especially with a woman who told police Sept. 16 that Lester beat her, bit her, choked her, held her hostage in her Price Hill apartment and then threatened to kill her, all in the presence of her 2-year-old child.

Lester, 22, goes on trial Jan. 13 for abduction, a charge that carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

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