Looking for more Ford and Reagan retreads.

It’s not too suprising that George Mitchell stepped away from the independent commission investigating the September 11 terrorists attacks. He was chosen as much because he is an honorable man, as well as an intelligent man. It’s also not suprising that Henry Kissinger won’t step away. Kissinger is so up to his eyeballs in conflicts and corruption he couldn’t spell ‘ethics’ if you spotted him every letter except the ‘s’.

For the Democrats, Mitchell’s replacement by Lee Hamilton was a good choice, as were their other choices of :

retiring Rep. Tim Roemer, D-Indiana, who spearheaded the creation of the independent commission; outgoing Sen. Max Cleland, D-Georgia; former Clinton Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick and prominent Democratic lawyer Richard Ben-Veniste.

What remains to be seen is who Bush and the Republicans choose as their additional committee members. John Danforth is their usual “go-to-guy” If the names Ed Meese or James Baker come up, you might as well flush the report right now.

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