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Pentagon dumps $100 million into the bottom of the ocean.

A Raytheon Corp.-built “kill vehicle” designed to destroy incoming warheads failed to separate from its booster on Wednesday in a test over the Pacific, setting back a multibillion-dollar system under development to shield against ballistic missiles from countries such as Iraq, Iran and North Korea.

“We do not have an intercept,” said Air Force Lt. Col. Rick Lehner of the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency.

He said it was “frustrating and disappointing” that a glitch that had little to do with advanced missile technology had doomed the eighth, $100 million, flight test of a key part of a planned U.S. layered defense against ballistic missiles.

Because, you know, that missle technology was doing really good until it, you know, kinda failed, and stuff.

Five of the flight tests have succeeded in shooting down the target vehicle launched from California’s Vandenberg Air Force base. Wednesday’s flight was the third failure, including a July 8, 2000, test in which Raytheon’s so-called Exo-Atmospheric Kill Vehicle also failed to separate from its booster, in that case because of an electronic module failure.

Five of eight is damn good hitting in baseball, not so good for a field goal kicker, and pretty shitty when it comes to intercepting “nucular” weapons. Something tells me that the survivors of the attack, as they lay dying from radiation poisoning, won’t be overly impressed when the Pentagon tells them that they got “most of them”….

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