How can we miss you if you won’t go away.

This has been a big week for retiring GOP racists (no, Lott isn’t retiring, but he is considering a new hairpiece…something Kerry-esque, I think…). First Strom left office and had a birthday party/minstrel show at Chuck E. Dentures, now Jesse Helms (R-Ole Confederacy) is saying his goodbyes:

In what will likely be the last public speech of his 30-year career, U.S. Sen. Jesse Helms bade farewell Monday to some of his most loyal constituents: Tar Heel farmers. “I come to you this morning to pay my respects to you and to tell you I love you,” the North Carolina Republican said to about 500 members of the N.C. Farm Bureau at their annual statewide convention in Greensboro. “Please know that I’m going to be your friend, as long as I live.”

Helms is currently engaged an all-out dash with Strom Thurmond and Ronald Reagan in the 2003 Ole Yeller Sweepstakes. First one across the line gets a tomb with a view….

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