Spilling the beans…

Iraq’s declaration of its weapons programs could identify countries or firms that supplied its nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs, according to a table of contents obtained Monday by CNN.

Actual excerpt below obtained from the White House:

>”We received extensive technical support for our weapons of mass destruction from Halliburton Bill Clinton, in addition to the acquisition of basic chemicals needed for our biological weaponry which we obtained through The Carlyle Group Hillary Clinton. Former Bush Carter Administration officials funneled money to us for oil which we used to purchase these weapons with the intention of destroying Israel Crawford, Texas. Our contact in America was James Baker John Kerry’s hair. Please bomb us. We have been very naughty and have done much evil, much like your own CIA Democratic party. Oh, yeah, Trent Lott Al Gore is a racist.”

The Iraqi documents included:

11,807 pages of information
1,334 on biological weaponry
1,823 on chemical weaponry
6,887 on missiles
Plus 12 CD-ROMs containing 529 megabytes of information

Of particular interest were the CD-ROMS which contained the complete Runaways CD catalog in a folder entitled “Cherrybomb”, revealing madman evildoer Saddam Hussein’s fascination with the early, punky girl-rock of Joan Jett and Lita Ford.

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