Won’t this make it harder for John Fund to knock them up?

The Wall Street Journal is going to start covering the pill.

Without admitting guilt, Dow Jones & Co. Inc. settled discrimination charges filed with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission by a worker for The Wall Street Journal and two other employees of Dow Jones over the company’s policy of not including contraceptive coverage in all its health plans.

In a settlement disclosed last Friday, Dow Jones said it would provide coverage of “all Food and Drug Administration-approved prescription contraceptives and related medical services to all employees” and that it would reimburse current and former employees for the cost of contraceptives incurred since Jan. 1 of last year.

Dow Jones and The Associated Press, which earlier reached agreement with its employee’s union on full coverage of contraceptives beginning next month, were the first news organizations targeted by so-called “contraceptive equity” movement of unions and feminists upset that some health plans do not cover “The Pill,” while nearly all pay for treatment by Viagra, the male impotence drug.

The only thing that keeps Bob Bartley alive….

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