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From Body and Soul who got it from The Watch:

Fundamentalists Losing Favor with Public

The American Family Association, a far right lobbying group in Washington, released results from a recent survey that shows mainstream Americans see evangelical Christians as one of the least likeable groups in the country.

Researchers from the Barna survey asked respondents how they felt about evangelicals, born-again Christians, ministers, and other groups of people in society. According to the survey, evangelicals came in tenth out of eleven, narrowly beating out prostitutes.

Fellow evangelical George Barna, president of the Barna Research Group, said religious conservatives “have a lot of work to do” in combating the general public’s negative views.

Speaking to distressed members of the AFA, he said, “We may not be ‘evil’ people, we may not be ‘bad’ people — we may be completely loving and wonderful. But somehow we are being perceived by non-Christians in America as a group of people who are not particularly loving [and] not particularly generous, kind, or understanding.”

From carrying signs that say “God hates fags”, screaming at women going into women’s health centers, killing doctors who perform abortions, banning Harry Potter books, and dumbing down education by taking over school boards….is it any wonder they have a PR problem?

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