…and this will boost the economy exactly how?

The overhaul of his economic team and the plan to unveil a tax-cut package are meant to show that Bush is focused on the nation’s sputtering economy even as a possible war with Iraq looms. His father’s failure to achieve that balance is blamed for costing him a second term.

White House Officials say the president will propose as early as this month a plan for tax breaks for businesses and individuals to jump-start the economy. The proposal is expected to include making permanent last year’s tax cuts in last year’s 10-year, $1.35 trillion package, accelerating the phase-in period for some of those cuts and curbing the tax on corporate dividends.

Let’s see…those $300 “rebates” didn’t pan out….so lets make permanent the tax cuts that blew the surplus, and, oh yeah, all those folks that live on dividends will get a break too. Steve Forbes should be a very happy man when this happens….

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