What Sulivan finds shocking, I find amusing…

Andy, always on the lookout for a story so he can make a point about something, even if he doesn’t know what it is and doesn’t feel compelled to let us know either, links us to this story:

Mayor-Elect Tom Bates trumps free speech by allegedly discarding 1,000 Daily Cals

From something called the California Patriot run by the Berkeley Conservative Foundation.

Berkeley at its Best,” promised Tom Bates for Mayor campaign posters across the city this fall, but the Berkeley mayoral candidate fell miserably short of his campaign slogan. The day before Election Day, Bates was spotted looting the Daily Californian distribution stand and throwing hundreds of copies into nearby trashcans. In that issue, the Daily Cal printed endorsements for the upcoming election. For Mayor, the Editorial Board endorsed Shirley Dean.

Four eyewitnesses, including this reporter, confirmed the occurrence. “He just scooped up the entire stack into his arms and dumped them in the trashcan,” recounted Andrea Irvin, Treasurer of the Berkeley College Republicans. “I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

“I checked other trashcans nearby,” said Steve Sexton, another witness to the act, “and many of them had entire stacks of Daily Cals.”

As evidence, the California Patriot provide pictures. But not of any evil-doing. Just Bates handing out flyers as well as a picture of a newstand. That seals it for me.

I love this quote, though:

“When we went to the Daily Cal with the story, the editor told us that they could not print the story with only four witnesses, since we are all Republicans. He told us that we weren’t credible since we presumably had an ideological bias against Bates,” explained Irvin. “I’m agitated that the Daily Cal implied that just because I’m a Republican I would lie to further my own beliefs.”

Heh heh. Those wacky college kids….

Somebody should e-mail Andy and tell him that Howell Raines was behind it all. I have a memo from an unnamed source at the Times who prefers to remain unnamed.

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