I was slacking off…

I didn’t even attempt to say anything about Peggy Noonan’s latest. I’m from San Diego, what the hell do I know about snow? Besides I was all caught up in my Winona Ryder-will-she-go-to-jail-and-will-she-wear-one-of-those-wifebeater-tanktops-into-the-communal-shower daydreams, that all the blood rushed from my head to my inflamed nether regions.

Either way, Jim over at Rittenhouse said it better than I ever could.

Oh, God, there’s that nut Peggy Noonan. The one with the dolphins. She even looks crazy. Why is she staring at me? Maybe if I just smile and turn away she won’t try to start a conversation. She’s freaking me out. Man, I gotta’ get out of here!

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Yeah. Like I would tell you....