Jesus cringes….

This is an actual letter from MSNBC‘s Readers Write page regarding William Saletan’s article of Pat Robertson:

I agree with all Mr. Robertson said. Christians are not anti-Muslim; we are anti-Mohammedism (and anti-Christian Science, anti-Mormonism, anti-Religious Science, etc.) because the false religion keeps people from knowing Christ, the exclusive way of reconciliation with God. Islam is a violent religious teaching formulated by a manipulative warlord out of whole cloth. However, the United States government is not on a Holy Crusade to wipe out Islam, just the terrorists who kill in the name of the Prophet.

The religious war is rightly left to believers in the Way, the Truth, and the Life and should be waged with reason (ye shall know the truth.) and love against all dogmas and doctrine that come between man and his Creator. It continually amazes me that seemingly learned folk, such as yourself, cannot discern the difference between hating a principle and hating the people it has misled. Our fight is not against men but against the power and principalities of evil. We desire that all should be saved because that is the desire of our Lord. Christians don’t concern themselves with damage control because their is no(sic) that can be done by teaching the truth.

Larry Voss
Albuquerque, NM

I wasn’t able to cut and paste the spittle.

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