I’m taking what they’re giving ’cause I’m lying for a livin’.

WSJ columnist John “Smack my bitch up” Fund takes time out from stalking Morgan Pillsbury to lie about Gore, Clinton, and Daschle. Quite frankly, hearing Fund deny that there is no “vast right-wing conspiracy” amongst the Fox, Rush, Hannity, etc. is like hearing John Gotti deny there is a mob.

Here’s John attempting to keep his story straight about Gary Aldrich’s “book”:

As someone who tries hard to practice credible journalism from a
conservative perspective, I was outraged when conservative outlets like the
WASHINGTON TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL editorial page and talk radio… let
Aldrich brazen it out and perpetrated a hoax on the public by celebrating
UNLIMITED ACCESS as legitimate and well researched…

“[WALL STREET JOURNAL] editorial page writer John Fund rushed an excerpt on
UNLIMITED ACCESS to print, and when the book’s credibility began to
crumble, Fund became Aldrich’s point man. When he and I were scheduled to
appear on CNN’s LARRY KING LIVE, he telephoned me at home and asked if we
could coordinate our stories before the broadcast, an overture I rebuffed.”

Then, of course, we know all about Fund being the source to Matt Drudge over the Sidney Blumenthal wife-abuse story.

Fund is, of course, the former editorial-page editor of The Wall Street Journal, and he has categorically denied abusing Pillsbury, who is his ex-girlfriend and the daughter of a prominent Libertarian family in California. But she says that’s just his game. One of his most damaging “lies,” she says, came in 1997, when Matt Drudge published the false rumor that former Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal had physically abused his wife. After Drudge retracted the report and apologized, Fund denied claims that he had been a source for what he knew to be “idle party chatter.” But Pillsbury says, “It was a story Fund spread with joy. He was Drudge’s source and he knew it wasn’t true.”

The fact that a Scaife funded attorney attempted to intercede on Fund’s behalf after he was arrested probably doesn’t mean anything either.

With Windels as Fund’s lawyer of record, why is another attorney whose income can be tied to Richard Mellon Scaife working to settle the matter? Is Fund’s supposed employer, the Wall Street Journal, aware of this latest unethical behavior: what looks to be tinkering with the system to weasel out of both criminal charges and the looming possibility of rigorous civil action?

There is a possible answer to the first question. Klausner’s eagerness to see this matter disappear quietly may have to do with a tidbit reported in APJ on January 16: Pillsbury “claimed that Fund told her they both lied to their lawyer and Drudge lied under oath during the course of the [Blumenthal] lawsuit.”

But a conspiracy among journalists and ultra-conservative rich men intent on manipulating the media? Nah. That’s crazy talk.

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