The Bush taketh…then he taketh some more….

For President Fuzzy Math the bills never come due. Compare these two stories and see if this just isn’t a nutshell of the Bush/Rove mal-administration:

From New Hampshire:

Bush plan costs state $109M

And from the Corner’s “Every Taxpayer Left Behind” file, we have an Associated Press report that New Hampshire school administrators estimate the federal No Child Left Behind Act will cost New Hampshire taxpayers at least $109 million per year when fully in place, and jeopardize local control.

The No Child Left Behind law requires states test students more often, provide more training to teachers aides and ensure that children show yearly improvement on statewide assessment tests.

“The federal law is going to drive what you do, but it won’t pay for it,” said Mark Joyce, executive director of the New Hampshire School Administrators Association.

He said the group has no problem with the ideas about school accountability behind the law, but doesn’t think it is fair that communities should pay most of the bill.

The report highlights four areas where costs are expected to jump dramatically in New Hampshire.

It estimates an added $11.7 million for teacher pay, $16.6 million more for more-qualified teachers aides, $35.4 million for new technology plans, and $62.8 million more for special education spending.

It’s estimated Washington will pay just $17 million per year toward the costs. “That doesn’t seem fair or logical,” Joyce said

Now this from the Financial Times:

A federal bail-out of cash-strapped US state and city governments looks less likely after a senior White House economist said the move was “not a top priority”.

Glenn Hubbard, chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, played down the economic significance of the mounting fiscal problems faced by the states.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Mr Hubbard said: “As to the question in the short run of whether federal taxpayers should be on the hook for states’ budget problems, I’m sceptical.”

Although he stressed he was not speaking for the administration, his comments will come as a blow to governors and members of Congress who have been lobbying for federal aid.

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