I just cash the checks, I don’t look to see where they come from.

L. Brent Bozell III sometimes forgets where he comes from (besides the other two Bozell’s) so it’s always helpful to drop him a little reminder. For example, in todays column, he states:

Al Gore has promised if he runs again for the presidency, he’s not going to hold back his opinions. He’s going to “let ‘er rip.” If what he’s been saying recently is any indication of the reinvented Gore, the campaign should be loads of fun to watch.

Exhibit A: In an interview with The New York Observer, the man who would be leader of the free world declared the political press includes “major institutional voices that are, truthfully speaking, part and parcel of the Republican Party.” He cited Fox News, The Washington Times and Rush Limbaugh, sneering that some of these are “financed by wealthy ultra-conservative billionaires who make political deals with Republican administrations and the rest of the media.”

So far, Gore sounds like a 1998-vintage Clinton White House argument Xeroxed from a Sidney Blumenthal memo

Does this mean that that there isn’t financing by “wealthy ultra-conservative billionaires” (and are there billionaires who aren’t wealthy?)? Not in L. Brent’s case. A check with Media Transparency reveals that sometimes L. Brent forgets who keeps the Media Research Center in Post-it Notes, Sharpies, and twin-ply toilet paper.

For the record, between 1990 and 2000, Mr. Bozell received $445,000 from the Olin Foundation and $550,000 from the Sarah Scaife foundation. Additional money came in from the Carthage Foundation, also controlled by Scaife, the Castle Rock Foundation controlled by the Coors, and the Bradley Foundation, which is a major contributor to the Heritage Foundation

Since I have never seen L. Brent in a Candystriper uniform, I assume that he is drawing a paycheck from these same people.

Isn’t it weird that something like this would slip his mind?

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