Giving credit where credit is due…

Even Tony Blankley at the Washington Times is fed up with the Kool Kids Klub. You know, the “journalists” who are more interested in whether a candidate is “folksy and warm” rather than report on policy. Because, you know, policy is soooooooo boring. “We want to talk about haircuts and furrowed brows and aren’t we witty and totally droll and where is the open bar?”

In keeping with the seriousness of the times, the elite journalists here in the capital of the world went straight to the heart of his shortcomings. The Washington Post complained that “Kerry has a warmth problem. He recites his positions but doesn’t tell any folksy stories. . . . ” USA Today’s lead critique was that “the Washington press corp doesn’t much like John Kerry . . . that’s important.” The much-respected journalist Mickey Kaus, in trying to identify why he was a non-admirer of the senator, focused on Mr. Kerry’s countenance: “I think it starts with the phony furrowed brow. Perpetually furrowed and perpetually phony. It’s been furrowed for so long I doubt he could unfurrow it.” (All of these examples were conveniently reported in Howard Kurtz’s media review column in The Post.)

Well, you can see how seriously Washington takes its responsibility to act as a shrewd explainer of national policy to a waiting American citizenry.

Blankley takes some half-hearted shots at Kerry himself, but even he admits they are pretty weak.

Got to love the “much-respected journalist Mickey Kaus” joke, though….

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