The exibit catalog lists Dr. Laura under “beaver”…that’s odd…

I’d like to say that “Dr.” Laura Schlessinger has her panties in a twist over the Museum of Sex at 233 Fifth Avenue in New York, if it weren’t for the fact that, according to widely diseminated pictures of her all over the Internet, she apparently doesn’t wear them. But, moving on from that scrotum-shriveling thought, Laura is pretty darn fired up over this museum which, of course, can only lead the good “Dr” to where all good right wing pundits and pundettes always end up: academia.

But the erstwhile curator is not alone in perceiving pornography and sexual perversity as educational. Some of our finest universities are touting courses in the curricula of women’s studies, cultural history and sociology that require students to view pornography and study all sorts of sexual practices, then, write term papers about the content as though it was a legitimate focus of academic inquiry. In more than one university, student-made pornographic videos are acceptable as final projects.

It’s no wonder that a 34-year-old man who graduated in fine arts from the University of Pennsylvania with a business degree from the Wharton School, after having made a fortune in the software business would think that a Sex Museum is a legitimate business. That’s Daniel Gluck’s pedigree.

Once the groves of academia legitimized what once were considered societal sexual taboos in the name of academic freedom, it was only minutes before we had the U.S. government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention developing and disseminating sex-ed material to middle schools that explain how to protect your health while “fisting,” “rimming” and performing cunnilingus with your sex partner. (If you don’t know what these sexual practices are, call the Sex Museum of New York.)

…or just ask Laura. As noted on Friends, a woman who will agree to being filmed will pretty much agree to anything.

You know, if I were, say, Spencer Abraham, I wouldn’t be giving out diet tips. And if I wouldn’t choose Laura Bush, to promote safe driving practices. So you’ve got to wonder what gives “Dr” Laura the balls to write about porn? After all, last pictures I saw, she didn’t have any…my nightmares notwithstanding.

(Note:If you haven’t seen the naked “Dr” Laura pictures already, well, you’re just going to have to Google for them yourself. I refuse to be responsible for blindness, impotence, and lesbians becoming instantly straight. You’ve been warned, Mary Cheney)

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