“Whitney is not going to be fat, ever. Okay?”

Over-emoting, has-been singer, Whitney Houston gets, well, about as feisty as a girl named Whitney can get, with has-been journalist Diane Sawyer, who is wondering at what moment her career went in the toilet and knowing that an in-depth interview with Cher or Alan Thicke is just around the corner the way things are going and, Jesus Christ, where’s that goddam bottle of vodka…oh, the pain…the humiliation….

Anyway, getting back to Whitney, who agreed to do the interview to get her demons out of the closet, or at least the kind of demons a girl with a name like Whitney can have, admits that she: “partied a lot”. If fact, if you have some friends over Wednesday night and play a drinking game where you do a shot everytime Whitney says “party” or “partied”…you won’t be at work on Thursday because you’ll be “partied out”.

Then there is husband, Original Boy Band Gangsta Bobby Brown with this:

BOBBY BROWN: … I’m a very high-strung person… I’m bipolar. It seems to help me … from going up and down… I’m diagnosed bipolar. And it helps me to keep… a level in my life, you know?

SAWYER: But isn’t there Lithium?…

BOBBY BROWN: I can’t take Lithium …

HOUSTON: ….He was catatonic, you know… his spirit was dead…took his whole spirit away …

BOBBY BROWN: And, you know, I couldn’t work, I couldn’t do nothing … so…every now and then … I smoke a joint … Every now and then. You know. It’s not an every day thing… it keeps me calm. Keeps my spirits well…

Which would explain why the sold-out New Edition Summer Stadium Tour with New Kids on the Block and DeBarge fell apart.

Oh. And did I mention that Whitney has a new CD due out a week from today? It’s probably a coincidence that ABC would air this ground-shaking interview with Whitney so close to a CD release date. Don’cha think?

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