Bed head for John J. Dilulio…and not the good kind

Looks like John J. DiIulio woke up with a horse’s head in his bed this morning (the horse’s ass having been spotted giving a speech at the Pentagon earlier today) after comments were attributed to him regarding Karl Rove’s influence over President Short Bus.

DiIulio denied that his exchange with author Ron Suskind, a former Wall Street Journal reporter and Pulitzer Prize winner who wrote a piece last summer about the power of departed adviser Karen Hughes, included such comments. DiIulio also stated that Suskind’s piece contained factual errors, mentioned exchanges that never took place and attributed comments to DiIulio that DiIulio denies having made.

“My work schedule being too packed to permit sit-down interviews … I gathered up [Suskind’s] questions and responded in a single long memo in late October 2002. However, several quotes and anecdotes concerning or attributed to me in the article are not from that response,” DiIulio said in a written statement.

Sounds like a non-denial denial to me. Yeah. Ron Susskind just pulled “Mayberry Machiavellis” out of his ass. I always thought Dilulio bailed out of the administration pretty fast, but you know what they say: if you can’t stand the heat, get out of hell.

But DiIulio did add this, which I was thought was very Christian of him:

“I regret any and all misimpressions. In this season of fellowship and forgiveness, I pray the same.”

I assume that God will have time to intervene now that he is spending a lot less time guiding the passes of the now-out-of-favor Kurt Warner.

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