Maybe US News and World Report will do an article on Time doing an article on Newsweek doing an article on the NY Times….

Seth Mnookin at Newsweek is concerned that the NY Times under Howell Raines is becoming just a little too “activist” for their own good.

The criticism of the Times comes at a time when the search for ulterior motives in the media has crescendoed. Fox News chairman Roger Ailes, a former Republican strategist, was outed last month for writing a letter to President George W. Bush advising him in the days after September 11 (a revelation that prompted an aggressively snide Times column). And Al Gore recently attacked Fox News and The Washington Times as being shills for the Republican Party.

But it’s the Times that drives the nation’s news agenda—and therefore presents the biggest target.

Seth should go down the hall and meet Howard Fineman, the guy with the kneepads…..

Of course, with the scent of Howell Raines in the air, we knew that Andy would weigh in:

THE MEME PROPAGATES: Newsweek has picked up on the damage Howell Raines’ dictatorial paleo-liberalism has done – and is still doing – to the New York Times. His unhinged campaign against the Augusta National Golf Club appears to have been the final straw for some Times journalists. “That was just shocking,” one anonymous Times staffer tells Seth Mnookin. “It makes it hard for us to have credibility on other issues. We don’t run articles that just say so-and-so is staying silent. We run articles when something important actually happens.” Of course, this notion that the silence of others makes something a news story is one of Raines’ leitmotifs. It was under that loopy rubric that he justified turning the Times into an anti-war propaganda sheet last summer. Meanwhile, Raines is … silent. Newsweek reports yet again: “Raines refused to discuss the Times’s coverage.” In fact his only recent response to his critics was to an audience of lefties at Berkeley. Here’s a simple question: what kind of journalist won’t talk to the press about legitimate stories about his coverage?

I guess that would depend on what is a legitimate story about coverage and what is concerted effort to discredit the non-complacent media orchestrated by the RNC and Karl Rove with the help of the Moonie Times, Fox News, Newsweek, and, yes, Andy Sullivan.

Perhaps Andy will enlighten us on the justification for his working for Reverend Moon. Now, that would be a story…

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