Putting the Mary in the “Hail Mary” pass…

Rittenhouse has an excellent link and commentary on the uniquely American intersection of sports, Christianity, and homophobia.

I really flinch whenever I hear about college football coaches preaching morality. I can’t help but remember former University of Colorado Coach Bill McCartney testifying to the power of Jesus and morality at the same time his daughter was going all Mary Magdalene with his players, culminating in her becoming pregnant with quarterback Sal Aunese’s son. McCartney was famous for not only injecting his Christianity into discussion about his team, but also forcing his players to attend church and prayer sessions. The ever tasteful McCartney went on to make the following statement at Aunese’s campus memorial service:

“Kristy McCartney, you’ve been a trooper. You could have had an abortion, gone away and had the baby somewhere else to avoid the shame, but you didn’t. . . . You’re going to raise that little guy and all of us are going to have an opportunity to watch him.”

Gee, thanks dad.

McCartney then went on to found Promise Keepers, also known as Stadium Full O’ Losers….

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