I’m back…

Sorry for the time off. It’s been soccer tournament weekend, with games played an hour and a half away with starting times at 7:45 AM. You do the math on getting up and driving there plus time for warmups. Needless to say, it’s been 8PM bedtimes, leaving no time for snark. The good news, my daughter’s team is in the finals Sunday morning. Bad news. 8:30 AM gametime. I can’t wait to get back to work so I can rest.

Best news of the weekend. After a very nice Thanksgiving at my parent’s house, my dad gave me a box of books that the lady next door gave him before she passed away, to give to me. In the box was a very nice 1st edition of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. Pretty cool, huh?

Two sad notes…this week saw the passing of Karel Reisz, director of Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, The French Lieutenant’s Woman, and Who’ll Stop the Rain (adapted from Robert Stone’s Dog Soldiers). Additionally this week we also lost Harriet Doerr, author of Stones for Ibarra, an absolute gem of a novel. Ms Doerr finished her BA in her late sixties and published Stones, her first novel, at the age of 74, giving hope to all aspiring novelists that sometimes that book inside of them just takes a little longer to incubate than expected.

Both are talents that will be missed.

I’ll be back Sunday night. I did a little catching up below.

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