Football, food, and folks…feh

We’re just not a big Thanksgiving family around our household. Outside of getting together with our extended family, it’s just some days off…and that’s about it. None of us like turkey or pie, and the idea of sitting around watching football all day doesn’t exactly get our nipples hard. Shopping the day after Thanksgiving? We don’t know anybody who needs the Christina Aguilera Bendable Dirrty Slut Doll, so “no thanks”.

So there will be blogging on Thanksgiving as well as the day after (minus time out for a local soccer tournament). Not heavy blogging mind you, just some light blogging that will allow me to get caught up on some reading as well as time to make my wife scream out, “Make me a woman, Mandingo!!!”, if you know what I mean, and I think you do….

Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving whether you are Pilgrim or a bound-for-the-fiery-pits-of-hell-with-smoldering-entrails-and-a-wicked-headache-non-Pilgrim.

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