The Kissinger Kommission

President Bush signed legislation creating a new independent commission to investigate the Sept. 11 attacks Wednesday and named former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to lead the panel.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the idea behind creating the commission to look into what went wrong? How the FBI, CIA, NSA, and Bush Administration failed the country? But, of course, that would increase the possibility of revealing to the country that that they were all asleep at the wheel, and we can’t have that. So what is the commission going to do? Glad you asked. According to President I Didn’t Do it:

However, Bush did not set as a primary goal for the commission to uncover mistakes or lapses of the government that could have prevented the Sept. 11 attacks. Instead, he said it should try to help the administration learn the tactics and motives of the enemy.

“This commission will help me and future presidents to understand … the nature of the threats we face,” he said.

Isn’t that the responsibility of the CIA and the NSA?

Although they are a poor example, this is like asking the Warren Commission to make suggestions of how to keep Presidents from getting killed. In other words, the Kissinger Commission is just a big fraud. A way for the Bush Administration to look like they are doing something until the next election rolls around (also see: Homeland Defense Department). Democratic Senators should be howling from the rooftops over this, demanding real 9/11 accountability, but that is unlikely until modern medicine perfects the spine implant.

In the meantime we are left with a phony investigative panel run by a fraud selected by a fake President . Karl Rove must be laughing his ass off.

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