I’d tell you, but then I’d have to actually show proof…

Michael Kelly, who gets a little bit stupider with every word he types, is oh so happy that those Clinton foreign policy types are gone.

The important person leaned forward, his eyes unusually ablaze with deep and subtle and clever thoughts, and he said, in a demi-whisper: No, you don’t understand. As long as Hussein behaves like this, the U.N. sanctions will stay in effect, and as long as the sanctions stay in effect, Hussein will stay weak. If he obeys the U.N. mandates, then the sanctions will disappear, and he will become strong again. We’ve got him just where we want him.

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful that this person, and all the other deep and subtle and clever people of the Clinton White House, and all the thoughts they thought, and all the damage they wrought, are history.

Kelly then explains to us how Hussein has become powerful again, and how he is a threat to the US.

Actually, he doesn’t. Because then he would have to play journalist and marshall his facts and explain why we have to go get the Evildoer Saddam. But he isn’t and he can’t so he doesn’t. It’s so much easier to start off with a few self-deprecating remarks followed by a campy over-dramatization with an unnamed Clinton source, before proceeding to what should be the meat of the column. But there’s no main course served here. Instead he delivers a smirky (it must be in the air during this administration) condemnation of the Clinton Administration while extolling the “accruing foreign policy triumphs of the Bush administration”. Evidence of the triumphs? We don’ need no steekin’ evidence….

Basically, Kelly’s column is as fact-free as a Christy Whitman EPA report, so the question is, if Kelly couldn’t take the time to do just a little bit of research, give us a little taste of those Bush foreign policy triumphs or how Saddam threatens the US, then why should we take the effort to read it?

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Yeah. Like I would tell you....