Activating nerd deflector shields…

Rittenhouse Review has taken the view that he won’t link to any blogs that link to Little Green Footballs because, well, LGF is kinda rabid hate-mongering nutso. I can respect that. I’ve been to LGF and it’s not my thing. What is hard to respect is the aptly named USS Clueless criticizing the decision. I’m sure that my lack of respect has as much to do with the ludicrous Star Trek theme of the blog as for statements such as this:

Initial examination of RR’s site instantly conveys an unmistakable pomposity anyway

After which Star Fleet Commander den Beste cites reasoning gleaned from John Stuart Mill, and further comments:

I found all of his arguments persuasive; Mill was an amazing philosopher, and Mill and Bertrand Russell are the two historical minds who have influenced me the most strongly.

Yeah. And episode 49 The Trouble with Tribbles was a landmark in my life too.

Quite frankly, anyone who blogs outside of his Star Trek ring, criticizes someone as being pompous while citing Mill, and expects to be taken seriously, really needs a slap upside the head, or at least needs to be deprived of conjugal visits from his imaginary girlfriend.

Added: Counterspin and Eschaton are already on this. Okay. So I’m late coming to the party. But it’s fashionably late….

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