Barbie’s plus-sized friend who has a real pretty face and a sunny outlook on life

With her inhumanly tiny waist and ample bosom, she’s long been criticized as sending the wrong message to girls about how they should look when they grow up.
But this holiday season, Barbie will have to make room on the toy store shelf for a new friend, the plus-sized Emme doll — fashioned after the model of the same name.

Emme, which was introduced at FAO Schwarz in New York and Hamleys in London last month in time for the holiday shopping season, is a 16-inch collector’s doll. Tonner is working on a 12-inch play doll version to be released in the spring.

“It was fun to sculpt — I got to put weight on her — and then dressing her was a blast,” said Tonner, who worked in fashion in New York for 20 years. “I wanted a new canvas to put the clothes on.”

The Emme doll comes with a sweat pants, oversized t-shirt, nine cats, a Diana Gabaldon novel, and a phone that never rings on Saturday night.

(Man…that was mean. Even by my standards)

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