One time, at band camp….

The Freeport High School Rock ‘n’ Roll Club

Last spring, Green became one of the founding members of Freeport High School’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Club, a unique extracurricular activity group that teaches budding musicians how to perform rock music ranging from Chuck Berry to Green Day. The club now has 12 members and two bands — “The Hawks,” mostly made up of freshmen, and “Tuck and Roll,” which includes mostly sophomores and juniors.

Led by Ed Roy, a Freeport dentist and parent of one of the members, and Jerry Parent, owner of The Music Center in Brunswick, the youths have learned about 20 cover songs and performed at least 10 concerts so far. They plan to begin song-writing workshops soon and perform a spring concert with new, original material.

“It was an idea whose time had come,” said Roy, whose wife, Jane Roy, is a math teacher at Freeport High School and serves as the club’s adviser. “When young people get together to have a band, they don’t always have this kind of focus and direction,” Roy said

Note to the Freeport Rock ‘n’ Roll club: If you have advisers and one of them is a kid’s dad who is a dentist….it’s not “rock ‘n’ roll”. Like “South Park Republicans, written about by Stephen W Stanton who is not a dork regardless of the picture, high school “Rock ‘n’ Roll club” members are just band geeks with enough attitude to make their parents shake their collective heads and wonder if those “crazy kids” have been smoking Ecstasy or huffing Pop Rocks or something.

With a bit of work though, they may get a gig at at a Trekie Convention…Live long and prosper.

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