When did America become the short-bus country?

From the NATO meetings Elisabeth Bumiller writes:

Mr. Bush has also been at ease, American and foreign officials said, in one-on-one meetings. His style will never be that of former President Bill Clinton, who could talk for hours on a breadth of subjects. But Mr. Bush does not live up to his reputation in parts of Europe as a know-nothing lone ranger, diplomats said.

“You go in there thinking, `Oh my God,’ and you come out thinking, `Hmmm, not bad,’ ” said a senior European diplomat who has been in meetings with Mr. Bush. “Maybe it’s a triumph of low expectations, but the reality is that this is the experience a lot of people have had. Clinton was like a charisma bomb — he just wowed people. But Bush comes across as a decent guy who’s up to the job.

“Hmmmmmm, not bad”…the “gentleman’s C” of foreign diplomacy.

Jeez. Our “President” gets applause for not putting his pants on backwards in the morning.

(Thanks Kimberly…)

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