Journalistic shortcuts

Normally, I like Frank Rich’s columns but this one seems like he just mailed it in.

Republicans profess to be delighted at this prospect while non-Gore Democrats are despondent. They are united in their recognition that he is the least spontaneous presidential contender since Richard Nixon, who similarly kept rolling out “new” incarnations of his public persona after each defeat.

It would be safe to say that any journalist that rolls out the old “Gore-is-re-inventing-himself” storyline just didn’t feel like working that week. I mean, jeez, it took Rich fourteen days to come up with that? Every time Gore speaks you’ve got some lazy pundit lurking around the corner ready to jump in a say, “Gore says he like chicken. But two weeks ago he said he liked pizza. There he goes again re-inventing himself and pandering to people who like chicken…”.

Rich can do better…and so can the other “reporters”, if they feel like actually working.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....