We may have to build a new wing in the Spin Hall of Fame….

for Ken Kachigian. Kachigian, famous for advising Gov. Pete Wilson to alienate Hispanics during his last campaign, thereby condemning Republicans to wander for 40 years in the Inland Empire without holding a statewide office, now thinks that the Republicans are poised to take back California. While many of his points are debatable, one is, well it’s downright hilarious:

The governor and his entrenched legislative allies served up a $24 billion budget deficit this past year, and just last week the state legislative analyst projected another $21 billion shortfall for 2003-04. The botched state finances are tied right into an energy crisis that also took place on the Democrats’ watch. Their party has hitched its wagon to a couple of ugly horses. And neither taints the popular president.

Yes. While the energy companies were doing their best to rape the California economy during the energy “crisis” where were the Republicans? Oh, that’s right. Holding the energy company’s coats and making suggestions for a few new positions. Kachigian complaining about the Democrats letting the energy crisis happen on their watch is like having the getaway driver point out that the bank never would have been robbed if they hadn’t opened for business.

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