Thomas Title Time

So what should Clarence Thomas call his book?

I will admit that I had some that were funnier than hell but didn’t pass the Websense test (meaning they were too racist or obscene to get through many people’s work firewalls). We started with these:

The Pinhead from Pinpoint

Not Black Like Me

Scalia’s Bitch: The Supreme Court Years

The Founder’s Intent, Natural Law, and Why I Like Big Butts

Oliver Wendell Holmes, John Holmes, and Me

and collected these:

Long Dong’s Journey On The Right

No Man Is A Hero To His House Boy…. The Real Antonin Scalia

SCOTUS Gone Wild!

How To Sublimate Blind Rage Caused By Guilt Over Your Unearned Status In Life, By Dr. Phil

I Done Paid His Daddy Back

Black Like Me? I Could Give A Shit

Clarence Thomas: Pubic Servant

Judicial Legislation and Judicial Sexification

Fade to Black

Roe Vs. Wade?… Tommy Lee Vs. Pamela…Now You’re Talking My Kind Of Law

Uncle Tom’s Justice

…and my favorites:

My Big Fat White Wife


Boyz In Da Robez

Thanks for all the submissions.

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