Everybody loves a Top Ten list…

..because it gives them something to make fun of and helps establish the cultural pecking order. Cal Pundit links an interesting article on the musical tastes of Princess Di:

The list of her 10 favourite artists is almost shocking in its banality. In order: Elton John, Verdi, Billy Joel, Sinead O’Connor, George Michael, de Burgh, Supertramp, Duran Duran, Leo Sayer, Cliff Richard.

to which Kevin adds:

No, this one is easy: it’s a good excuse for a shot across the bow at people who mock others for their taste in art. Not the art itself, mind you, criticizing that is part of the human condition. But people who think that it’s sophisticated to make snarky remarks about someone else’s taste in books, or popular music, or movies, or whatnot, need to grow up.

I agree with Kevin that is easy to mock others for their cultural tastes, and that it’s a cheap shot to boot. But c’mon, don’t you think that anybody who reads the Left Behind books or listens to Creed has it coming? I mean, really. I think that we should expect at least a modicum of cultural taste from people, even if they did grow up in Indiana. If Americans stopped making fun of other Americans this country would become quieter than the Philosophy Annex of the George W Bush library.

With that in mind, and since I feel it my both my right and my duty to make fun of other people’s taste (as well as their clothes, hairstyles, children, jobs, and physical disablilities) here is my Top Ten “Favourite” Artist’s of the Moment (in a vague order) that you may use to mock/look down your nose at/be appalled/and feel culturally superior to:

Nine Inch Nails, Aimee Mann, Diana Krall, Dead Can Dance, Tool, The Stone Roses, The Crystal Method, Green Day, Cassandra Wilson, and The Jesus and Mary Chain. I also like White Zombie…so there.

C’mon you bastards…I can take it….

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