The one minute Noonan watch.

Thankfully, Peggy has made it easy today. She writes:

The big things to say about the recent JFK allegations–amazing, isn’t it, that “recent JFK allegations” is still an operative phrase in 2002?–are obvious.

• Illnesses as serious, varied and potentially debilitating as JFK’s, which included Addison’s disease, chronic and intense back pain due to the collapse of bones in his spinal column, intestinal problems including colitis and ulcers, chronic prostatitis and urethritis, frequent fatigue, high fevers, increased vulnerability to infection, frequent headaches, diarrhea and a chronic abscess in his back, should have been fully divulged to the American people before they voted in the 1960 election.

Reading through the column, there exists an elephant bigger than Manhattan sitting in the middle of the room.

Whither Reagan?

I mean, if there is one thing that Peggy is known for it’s her attachment to Ronald Reagan. Yet not once does she mention Reagan’s Alzheimer’s and whether it might have begun while he was in office (…as my daughter would say, “no duh”). Isn’t this sort of like Robert Caro discussing Kennedy, but avoiding Johnson?

I’ll give Noonan a mulligan on this one. After all, with Reagan in a race with Strom for a plot with a view at Arlington, Peggy looks to be in the denial stage. And when he’s gone, she is going to have to be strong to lead the country in a nationwide Reagasm, so it’s best that she save her strength. She, of all people, is going to need it….



Yeah. Like I would tell you....