If you don’t find Jesus in thirty minutes…your pizza’s free!

Tom Monaghan, the founder of Domino’s Pizza is building a Catholic college/town in Florida.

Ave Maria University should start classes in a temporary location in Naples next fall, then move several years later to 750 acres near the Collier County hamlet of Immokalee, about 20 miles northeast of Naples. The campus would be the hub of a new college town.

“Our goal is nothing less than to build the finest Catholic university that we can build,” Monaghan said at the announcement in Naples.


A major partner in the venture is the Barron Collier Companies, which donated the land. The Naples-based developer owns thousands of acres of rural farmland where the development will be located.

Gov. Jeb Bush praised the Ave Maria backers as “visionaries” in a video played at the announcement.

“As a Catholic, I am very proud that students will be able to obtain an education with the highest academic standards and with firm grounding in religious and moral values,” he said.

If a developer is giving away land and Jeb! is involved…you know that a dead fish or two will be rising to the surface any day now.

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