After you’re done shaving my back-hair, you may annoint my loins with oil

Gee. I never thought of Howie Kurtz as a chubby chaser, but he’s sure got a Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name thing going with Rush that he owned up to today.

What we can’t understand is how the South Dakotan can suggest that a mainstream conservative with a huge radio following is somehow whipping up wackos to threaten Daschle and his family.

Has the senator listened to Rush lately? Sure, he aggressively pokes fun at Democrats and lionizes Republicans, but mainly about policy

Let’s see: Chelsea Clinton dog jokes, jokes about Janet Reno’s Parkinsons Disease, Barney “Fag” jokes, Clinton “Bubba” jokes…when did these all become “policy?

I guess someone had to be Rush’s suppository, and Howie is just the man for the job….

Update…From Drudge:

NOW MCCAIN BASHES LIMBAUGH: Arizona talk radio station KFYI 550 AM, morning host Barry Young asked Senator John McCain (R-AZ) about the flap created by Sen Tom Daschle’s (D-SD) comments criticizing talkradio host Limbaugh. The Snowy-Haired Senior Senator from Arizona replied that he thinks of Limbaugh as a ‘circus clown’ and is ‘entertaining’ in much the same way as a clown…

…except there’s no room in the little car for all the other clowns.

Good thing that Rush has Kurtz to fight his battles for him since that anal cyst is flaring up again…and, well, you know.

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