That’s Andrew Sullivan, Grand High Supreme Uber-Klaxon of the Secret Order of Eagles, to you buddy…

Neologist and Pet Shop Boys aficionado Andrew Sullivan really wants us to use his latest term “Eagles” because of that tired old hawk/dove paradigm:

There’s a new group of people out there who are socially liberal but also foreign policy realists, especially among those who have been awakened to political engagement by September 11. Some of these used to be Scoop Jackson Democrats, but today’s breed doesn’t buy into the big government liberalism of the 1960s and 1970s either. Some are neocons who don’t love the social right. Others are just Generation X and Y, who simply accept the social diversity of modern culture and want to see it defended against theocratic barbarians. These people are not comfortable with the Republicans’ flirtation with the religious right, or their prosecution of the drug war or mixing of church and state; and they’re not impressed by the Democrats’ lack of seriousness in foreign policy or enmeshment with public sector interest groups. They’re politically homeless, these people – but were probably key swing voters in the last election. Instead of hawks and doves, call these people “eagles.” I think they’ll play a key part in shaping the politics and culture of the next few years.

Therefore, Andy has taken to using it with greater frequency here and here:

“Good for liberal Polly Toynbee for seeing what we eagles have long argued:”

“AHNOLD THE EAGLE: Schwarzenegger is surely the Eagle candidate par excellence”

Sullivan continuing usage of the term (much like Micky Kaus’ equally laughable “faster”) reminds me of a person who receives a word-of-the-day calendar, and then proceeds to use each day’s word at every available opportunity no matter what the context. But then I started to wonder…

Outside of Andy’s mind, do the “Eagles’ really exist, or is this his Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius claim to immortality? I don’t hear anybody else using it, so maybe it’s a secret society that we just don’t know about yet. Late night meetings in mysterious dark places with secret hand shakes, blood rituals, and the trading of tracts that can only be deciphered using the Official Eagles Secret Decoder Cock Ring.

Now that I think about it, I’d rather not know….

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