…and Michael Kelly as the Beaver.

Yes. It’s another Michael Kelly column.

Along with some reflexive Gore bashing, he throws in a little gay bashing as well the “other” bashing:

So, “Joined at the Heart” is an extended celebration of what the Gores call “new family forms,” in which the family is bravely and newly seen not in the old moralistic Mom-and-Dad terms, but as “a group of people who love and care about each other, regardless of blood relation or marital status.”

The problem with this is the preponderance of evidence that the old Mom-and-Dad model is the only one that, speaking generally, really works — in terms of taking care of children, building a constructive society and broadly advancing the happiness of the species.

I’m so relieved that Kelly has pointed out that the “happiness of the species” can only be acheived in a family like…well, his. You know, a married white couple with two boys, practicing the Catholic faith. Not those nasty divorced people or that gay couple or the unwed mother who manages to raise her kids well while balancing a carrer. No, for the species to be happy and constructive they need to be like the Kellys: Ward, June, and the two darling little boys. Hilarious hijinks to follow…..

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