Sullivan asks a rhetorical question…

BEGALA AWARD NOMINEE: “The legacy of Harry Potter in popular culture remains to be seen – those who’d burn the books as demonic are encouraged to get library cards pronto – but at present, despite its sophomoric awkwardness, the film of Chamber of Secrets is a welcome delivery of childlike wonder for a planet of ever-increasing ugliness. We’ve accidentally allowed a retarded monkey to rule America, but otherwise it’s not such a whimsical place. Perhaps works like this can help set that to rights.” – Gregory Weinkauf, Dallas Observer. What must it feel like to lose an election to a retarded monkey?

I don’t know and neither does Al Gore.

…then Andy makes a stupid statement

THE YOUNG AND WAR: I’ve been impressed by George W. Bush’s support among the young. Maybe it’s not as anomalous as I thought. Here’s a study by blogger Jim Miller that shows how the young were consistently more supportive of the Vietnam War than their elders – throughout the conflict.

Seeing as Andy has already misrepresented war-poll numbers by the young weeks ago, and was called on it, it’s surprising to see him make this apples/armadillos comparison. Then again, lets ask the youth of today if they would be for Bush’s war if they faced a draft..

Oh. That’s different.

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