Mail…I get mail.

Lots of good mail too…

From Molly in NYC:

Hitchins–and every other apologist for these weiners–is right that it doesn’t much matter whether a wartime Prez has military experiance; FDR (no experience) handled WWII well and Nixon (former Seabee) handled Vietnam poorly. But what he’s missing is: FDR was a decent public man and Nixon was a shit.

The “chickenhawk” stuff isn’t about experience–it’s a character issue. Bush and his cronies are not simply cowards; they have no sense of duty whatever. It’s not just that in the 60s when (according to them) they heard their nation call, they ran the other way–it’s that they evidently thought only a sucker would do otherwise. This administration is composed of men who have never EVER put themselves out on behalf of their country. Their most consistent domestic stance is: God forbid guys like them should have to pay taxes. When working in the public sector, their priorities invariably favor feathering their own nests over the needs of the public that pays them. An obligation as basic as obeying drunk driving laws?–“that’s for nobodies, my daddy will fix it.” They have turned JFK’s “Ask not . . . ” exhortation on its head. (“Social contract? Bite me.”)

The big exception of course, is Colin Powell–the only grown-up voice in the cabinet. And at best, Bush treats him like a spoilsport.

Then from Rich P:

First, wingnut gasbag Cal Thomas in the Moonie Times on Pelosi:

“The first victory, on Election Day, gave Republicans control of Congress and the White House for the first time in half a century. The second will come with the election of Mrs. Pelosi as minority leader. It will allow Republicans to again invoke the image of Democrats as the big-government, high-taxing, over-regulating, entitlement-establishing, unaccountable, irresponsible, gun-confiscating, totalitarian-coddling, peace-at-any-price, American Civil Liberties Union card-carrying, same-sex-marrying, unrestricted-aborting, anything-goes philosophy of the Dukakis-Mondale-McGovern extreme left wing of their party.”

Do you think the same paper, or any paper, would (properly) refer to the appointment of Tom DeLay as “allowing the Democrats to invoke the image of Republicans as Crony Capitalist, Pro-Corruption, Regulation-Skirting, Cop-Killer-Bullet-Using, Dictator-Coddling, Hand-The-Treasury-Over-to-Defense-Contractors, Gay-bashing, Confederate-Flag-Loving, abortion-doctor-killing, use-the-Bill-of-Rights-as-toilet-paper Gingrich/Trent Lott/Jesse Helms extreme right wing of their party.”

and finally…

I received an email from Steven Stanton with a legitimate complaint about my refering to him as an “uber-dork” which he may very well not be. I will take him at his word that he is not a “uber-dork” until such time as I hear differently. I must say that I was somewhat disappointed that someone who is a self-proclaimed “South Park Conservative” would send an email that was more Alex Keaton than Eric Cartman.

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