Suzie Terrell watch.

As documented below, from her own website, Louisiana Republican Senate candidate Suzie Terrell is strongly against allowing women to make their own choices about their bodies. How strong? Here’s Suzie:

Meanwhile, Terrell said she would vote for a constitutional amendment to ban all abortions with “no exceptions.” When Russert asked how Terrell then would handle physicians who performed illegal abortions or women who received them, Terrell said, “That would be something we would have to look into.”

As a mother of three girls, who thankfully didn’t inherit her looks, we might want to ask Suzie a Bernard Shaw-like question:

Ms. Terrell, if heaven forbid, one of your daughters were raped or faced a life-threatening pregnancy, would you force them to give birth and allow them no options?

Take your time…this should be interesting.

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