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If you get a package from William Reno Gerber, you may want to open it with gloves on.

The Supreme Court showed no sympathy Monday for a California inmate who wants to become a long-distance father.

Justices rejected William Reno Gerber’s claim that he should be allowed to ship his sperm to his wife.

A band of the Luiseno Mission Indians urged the high court to review the case. Evelyn Gerber is a tribe member who wants to be artificially inseminated and raise children in the traditional Luiseno culture and language, lawyer Richard T. Williams told the court.

“A prison warden has decided to exercise racial and genetic control and has relegated Mrs. Gerber to a life sentence — one without the possibility of having children with her husband,” Williams said in court filings

Justice Clarence Thomas mentioned that he had something in his briefs for her, causing Justices Kennedy, Breyer, and Souter to start giggling and snickering while Chief Justice William Rehnquist gave them a disapproving glance and cleared his throat like a fifties-era TV dad.

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