Helping Landrieu out…

I’m not a big fan of Sen. Mary Landrieu of LA. she’s a bit too centrist for my taste, but then she does represent a southern State (another reason to hate that damn Republican Lincoln, for not letting them secede…). The Daily Kos covers her race here. Having said that, consider the alternative: Suzanne Haik Terrell.

Here is one important fact about Suzie Terrell:

“We will never create a culture in this country that honors life until we have a pro-life woman making the case every day from the Senate floor. Today, there are no pro-life women in the Senate. That must change. Louisiana can change it.”

I pledge to vote to ban partial birth abortion.
I pledge to join John Breaux in protecting the statute banning abortions in military hospitals.
I pledge to support a bill requiring parental consent for those under the age of 18 seeking an abortion.
I pledge to help President Bush nominate and confirm pro-life federal judges and Supreme Court Justices.
I pledge to vote 100% for life

That’s enough for me. Contribute to Landrieu here.

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